Myra 2 - Decision Making Organizational Behavior...

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Decision Making Organizational Behavior - Assignment [Type the company name] Submitted By : Myra Kamal BBA2K9(F)-B
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Decision Making Everything that anyone does is based on a perfect pattern of decision making. Our lives revolve around the mere fact that we have the will to decide if we want to do something or not. Decision making is not only a choice, but a tool if used effectively. It is a cognitive process of selecting from the available options, leading to the implementation of it. The art of decision making is as old as time itself, as every day we make several decision which carve out the sequence of our future expeditions. Three types of decision-making processes are discussed in this article: Rational Decision Making Bounded Rationality / Intuition. Creativity In Decision Making Rational Decision Making The rational decision making process is the ideal means to practice decision making. Through a well thought of step by step model, reliable, value adding long term decisions are made. The procedure is structured as below: Step 1 : Define the problem at hand. Step 2
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Myra 2 - Decision Making Organizational Behavior...

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