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Herek article summary: In the United States today, lesbians and gay men are targets of considerable discrimination, which is manifested in a wide range of behaviors ranging from verbal expressions of dislike to violent attacks. Sample of undergraduate students were taken to understand the attitude towards homosexual people. Independent and dependent measures were taken. In independent measure, five sets of variables were taken explaining attitude towards Gay. Dependent measure is a 20-item scale in Likert format with two 10-item sub- scales: Attitudes Toward Lesbians (ATL) and Attitudes Toward Gay (ATG). The Kinsey behavioral scale was used for screening purposes (Kinsey, Pomeroy, & Martin, 1948). the parallel form of the ATLG was included in order to address the question of whether individuals' attitudes toward lesbians are more negative
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Unformatted text preview: or positive overall than are attitudes toward gay men. Mean scores on the ATL were 43.67 for females and 40.83 for males; for the ATG, means were 51.54 for females and 57.96 for males. These scores were compared for differences among female and male respondents and between female and male targets. Since it is not appropriate to compare raw scores directly from the two different item sets, individuals' standardized (z) scores on the two scales were used. The result from this study indicates that female sample members tended to hold equally positive (or negative) attitudes toward gay men and lesbians. Males, however, tended to respond more negatively to gay men than to lesbians. Both males and females tended to express more negative attitudes toward homosexual persons of their same sex. The effect was more pronounced among males...
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