Top 3 auto mobile firms in PAKISTAN

Top 3 auto mobile firms in PAKISTAN - Top 3 Auto Mobile...

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Top 3 Auto Mobile Firms In PAKISTAN Toyota is still the major automotive maker in Pakistan with well-liked brands like the Corolla outselling all other makes. Toyota has gained a stature of surety all through the numerous decades of its market presence here and as a consequence, enables traders to gain top resale rate in the second hand automotive sector. Though not prized for its style Corolla has lost sizeable market share to sportier, finer looking models like the Honda Civic. Honda Civic is a close challenger for the top place but in spite of several years in Pakistan, it still ranks second. Accepted for its style and leisure, the Civic has become somewhat of a status icon for the Pakistani elite. It has launched heaps of brands in Pakistan with each one being more victorious than the preceding one. Honda automobiles also secure top resale price in the second hand automotive industry and are frequently attainable in papers and online classifieds. Suzuki has a couple of considerably important brands in the hatchback and coupe class by the name of Khyber and Mehran, respectively. These automobiles are very reasonably priced and satisfy working folks with tight budgets. They are also enormously affordable to get and manage, with brand new and utilized spare parts easily found in the market. Though they do not sell the same brilliant quality offered by Toyota and Honda, these automobiles are sturdy and are significant cash savers. TOYOTA Toyota Motor Corporation commonly known simply as Toyota , is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan and the world's largest automaker by sales. Toyota employs approximately 320,808 people worldwide. The company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937. Toyota also owns and operates Lexus and Scion brands and has a majority shareholding stake in Daihatsu and Hino Motors , and minority shareholdings in Fuji Heavy Industries , Isuzu Motors , Yamaha Motors , and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. The company includes 522 subsidiaries .
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Advertisement : Toyota is very good in advertising world. advertising expenditure is of $3.2bn in 2008, making Toyota the world's #5 advertiser. Brand By Quality : Toyota had seen its list of quality leaders decrease in a quality study released Monday by Strategic Vision Inc., a San Diego-based market research company and consultant to automakers. Despite improving its overall quality, Toyota led in one category in that study — down from four in 2006. South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co. led in five categories, outperforming its Japanese, European and U.S. competitors. Last year, it had no winners. SWOT Analysis: Strengths Global organization, High financial strength Strong brand image based on quality and environmental friendly Industry leader in manufacturing and production. Excellent penetration in key markets.
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Top 3 auto mobile firms in PAKISTAN - Top 3 Auto Mobile...

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