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Assignment 2 of business statistics

Assignment 2 of business statistics - e If a swimmer’s...

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The following data were collected on the height (inches) and weight (pounds) of swimmers. Height 68 64 62 65 66 Weight 132 108 102 115 128 a) Develop a scatter diagram for these data, taking height as the independent variable. b) What does the scatter diagram developed in (a) indicate about the relationship between the two variables? c) Approximate the relationship between height and weight by drawing a straight line through the data. d) Develop the estimated regression equation. e)
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Unformatted text preview: e) If a swimmer’s height is 63 inches, what would you estimate her height to be? f) Find total sum of squares. g) Find Regression sum of squares h) Find Error sum of squares i) Find Coefficient of determination and coefficient of correlation. j) Construct 85% confidence interval for the slope coefficient. k) Calculate the standardized residuals and check for normality. l) Comment on the heterogeneity of the population Submit before 15 th April....
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