ASSIGNMENT 2 - NUST Business School BBA 2K9 F(B Tehr eem...

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Unformatted text preview: NUST Business School BBA 2K9 F (B) 08/03/2010 Tehr eem Sur i Khan M avr a M ushtaq M ehak Fatima H ar is bin Saqib Raza Abbas Rajput ENGLI SH LI TERATURE M A’AM AFSH AN H ANI F Assignment # : 2 ASSIGN MENT 2 Discuss the element of psychology of adjustment as depicted in the movie Taare Zameen Par. Social and cultural adjustments are similar to physiological adjustments. People strive to find comfort in their surroundings and to have their psychological needs (such as love) met through the social networks they inhabit. When needs arise, especially in new or changed surroundings, they impel interpersonal activity meant to satisfy those needs. In this way, people increase their familiarity and comfort with their environments, and they come to expect that their needs will be met in the future through their social networks. In the movie “Taare Zameen Par” the child Ishant Avasti is facing a rare neurological disorder, called dyslexia. This sets him apart from the rest of the students at school. Although he seems like an ordinary boy, he is not; He is different inside. What he lacks in reading and writing skills, he makes up for with his creativity. He has an uninhibited imagination, which makes him a genius with a box of paints. But this side of him is difficult to understand for most people, and consequently makes it harder for him to settle in. Here is where the psychology of adjustment comes in. The adjustment process involves four parts: (1) A need or motive in the form of a strong persistent stimulus. This comes when Ishant is unable to keep up with his school-work and is regularly scolded for it....
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ASSIGNMENT 2 - NUST Business School BBA 2K9 F(B Tehr eem...

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