Assignment 11 - Dear students Enclosed is an assignment of...

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Dear students, Enclosed is an assignment of Business Statistics. Please note the following. All assignments should be neatly presented and be in hand-written format. Computer assisted assignments shall not be entertained as pen-practice is must to clarify the workings. Rough assignments/ without covering page etc. will be rejected. You are advised to solve these in groups (each of size three). The C.R / G.R are advised to collect all the assignments from the classmates and submit together. Individual submissions are not allowed . The C. R/ G. R should count all the assignments and report the total on a covering sheet duly signed by his/her. Assignments are to be submitted to Mr. Zafar Qadir (PA to Hod Finance, office at second floor). Do not bring assignments during lecture hours. Please contact the faculty at 051-90853267, if any queries are to be discussed. OR a personal visit at the notified office hours may serve the purpose. C.R/ G. R shall remind the classmates about assignment deadline, two days prior to the expiry. No assignments shall be accepted if late. Genuine excuses should be forwarded to the faculty in written application form. Ms. Ayesha N Rao.
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Wages (Rs.) 0-10 10-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 Total Frequencies 4 16 ? ? ? 6 4 230 NUST BUSINESS SCHOOL (NBS) Assignment No. 1 Program: BBA SUBJECT: Business Statistics Course faculty: Ms. Ayesha Nazuk Max. Marks: 65 Submission Deadline: 15 th Feb 2010 Q 1:  From the following wage distribution find the missing frequencies if median and mode are  given as Rs. 33.5 and Rs. 34 respectively. Q 2: Wes and Jennie Moore, owners of Moore’s Foto Shop in western Pennsylvania, are  considering two investment alternatives, asset A and asset B. They are not sure which of these 
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Assignment 11 - Dear students Enclosed is an assignment of...

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