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1 of 4 Business Statistics Ms. Ayesha N. Rao NUST Business School Office: Room S3, NBS. NUST University Phone: +92-51-9085-3267 Spring 2010 E-mail: COURSE OBJECTIVES This course provides an introduction to theoretical and applied statistics for business and economics. The main objective is to stress the importance of applying statistical analysis to the solution of common business problems. The general objective of this course is to prepare the students with skills to: (i) Develop proper understanding of conceptual framework needed for statistical analysis, (ii) Develop sound quantitative foundation for statistical analysis, (iii) Solve business related problems using appropriate statistical tools, and (iv) Use regression technique for modeling and forecasting. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: Understand the vocabulary and methodological issues associated with presentation and analysis of data. Understand single number summary for data sets, e.g., measure of central tendency/dispersion and their use. Understand probability theory and probability distribution. Learn the properties of sampling distribution Make point and interval estimates for population means and proportion; and determine the sample size Perform tests of hypothesis about population means and proportions. Develop a model of your own using simple linear correlation and regression techniques.
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business_statistics_BBA_by_Ayesha_N._Rao[1] - 1 of 4...

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