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English Literature - Mr Lantin and his love for his wife...

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English Literature Assignment . Submitted tO : Madam Afshan Hanif . Submitted By: Haris Bin Saqib. BBA 2k9 fall–( B ). Dated: 11 th , feberary,201O.
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Question: As soon as you read the story the “Jewelery” . You start anticipating what follows next. Since life does not comes wrapped in such titles. How quick you suspect about the outcomes then Mr. Lantin does. ANSWER: “The jewellery “ by Guy De Maupassant is a story of a simple husband and wife. Mr Lantin was a clerk by profession and was living a middle class life. Then Mr. Lantin met Mrs .Lantin and fell in love with her . Mrs Lantin was a very noble woman. Who made Mr.Lantin life a Heaven. But happiness never remains forever. She Died after some time . This story revolves around Mr. Lantin and the impact upon his life after Mrs.Lantin Death. The title of story is quite different . It is very difficult to anticipate about the story that how it will be after reading the title “THE JEWELLERY”. As the story was going on i thought it would be a story of
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Unformatted text preview: Mr. Lantin and his love for his wife. Jewellery in this story was looking like a reflection of the love of Mr. Lantin for her wife. And Mr.Lantin will going to live his remaining life in the memories of Mrs. Lantin. Her jewellery was looking like a asset to him and he will going to take her jewellery as her remaining but contrary happens. After her death the life of Mrs.Lantin got totally changed. He start living unhappy , his financial condition start getting worser than before. When he went to jewellery store with a necklace of his wife to sell it i suspected the outcome. That act showed his greedness and showed that he don’t have that much love for his wife that he has for money. If he loves mrs.lantin he kept the jewellery as her last belongings but instead of keeping the jewellery for his own sake. Money totally changed his mind....
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