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The red light areas in big cities

The red light areas in big cities - The red light areas in...

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The red light areas in big cities, specially Lahore became restricted, barren and were under continuous raids in the times of President Ayub Khan and then in the reign of President Zia-ul-Haq. In the beginning, this came as a ray of hope to eliminate prostitution from a pure land like Pakistan. But alas, the evil spread like fire from then onwards. The result was that these women just spread out in different parts of the city, making it harder to track them down. What did we achieve? A prostitute is no longer the one who lives in the slums such as the Shahi Mohalla. A girl who lives two streets from our house in DHA, Islamabad, is a prostitute. There is no criminal evidence against her, so you might as well mind your own business. There is no stopping to this business! On May 1998, a Pakistani woman was threatened by the Supreme Court to severe punishment, if she did not allow to her ex-husband to have sex with her, whenever he wanted. Although she was remarried then, the Court of Pakistan disbanded any respect to her happy married life. What right do we have to judge the prostitutes when the law makers of the country are being insensible on their decisions? Why should a woman have extramarital affair when it is clearly not allowed in Islam or anywhere else? Is it morally, socially and ethically correct? We have to understand that the prostitutes will continue to increase in number a long as they stay in business, as long as there are customers. The basic economic concept applies here: supply is equal to demand http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Prostitution-Racket&id=4012193 In the times of Bhutto’s rule this industry grew because   of free sex policies of Bhutto but in the Govt. of  Zia-ul-Haq the govt. machinery commenced the crack down on red light areas against such evils of  society but due to the fact that the majority of the sex workers were from SHIA community the govt. was  unable to cut the roots of this evil. Initially those sex workers transferred them selves to the population  centers and Mohallas but they later started claiming that they are doing mutta which is not only permitted  but also a very gaining and favorable act in SHIA religion hence the crack down against sex industry  faced a failure because by the law govt. was unable to crack down against sex workers because 
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