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Final-CeeCee - 1-CeeCees Market Target Market Competitors...

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1-CeeCee’s Market, Target Market & Competitors CeeCee’s Market Marketing is a set of processes to deliver right products at the right place at the right time and at the right price. And it is process to communicate to customer by involve them to understand what they want. Clothing market had three types of tiers of clothing retailers in the market which are couture houses and top designer labels, high street retailers of fashion clothing and `value’ retailers which retail at the inexpensive end of the market. The lead time of design and production processes in traditional clothing industry is too long. Also the Customers increasingly demand a wider range of sizes and fittings. In general, consumer is looking for quicker service and wide range of sizes and fittings. Shoppers don’t prefer online shopping as they think it is necessary to touch or try clothes on before buying. CeeCee was listed on a major European stock exchange resulted in increase in cash and number of shops. Ceecee is considering high street retailers of fashion clothing and CeeCee is trying hard to retain its customers. CeeCee, as well as many other retailers, experienced exceptionally difficult trading conditions at the end of 2008 and during 2009 due to the world recession. The sales revenues decreased by 2% in CeeCee during the recession, whilst others experienced sales revenue falling by 20% or more. CeeCee started with one shop in the home country, then 5 shops and at the end of 2000 CeeCee had 280 shops across Europe, 610 shops across 18 European countries end of 2008 and at the end of 2009 CeeCee opened 630 shops. CeeCee had just over 44,000 employees, the majority of these employee works part-time, and the full time equivalent (FTE) was 12880 ends of 2009. Target Market To help any company to define it target marketing, they have to do market segmentation which is to divide the market to smaller markets or submarkets based on common characteristics like geographic, demographics, and Psychographic. After that the company can define the target market which is done by evaluating the market segments, then making decisions about which among them is most worthy of investment for development. After that the company will be able to position themselves by: Communicating one or more sources of value to customers in ways that connect needs and wants to what the product has to offer. Positioning strategies are executed through the development of unique combinations of the marketing mix variables.
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ضعب ايو قووف فيرعتلا نيبتاك نحن ناحتملا يف همسري يغبي دح اذا Based on the earlier market research that “CeeCee” did, they segmented their customers based on the following factors: Before expansion After Expansion Geographic It was in Europe (home country of Carla Celli) Demographics Gender: Women Age: average 27 (Young professional ) Income: Medium Psychographic Based on consumer behavior, the below impacts that affected on the clothing retailers’ and push
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