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Unformatted text preview: Programming Programming for the Healthy Adult PEH 163: Fitness Programming Medical Medical Referral? If vigorous exercise is planned • Males > 45 • Females > 55 • Younger individuals with 2 or more CAD Younger risk risk factors or symptoms suggestive of disease For any intensity • Individuals with known cardiovascular, pulmonary, or metabolic disease CardioCardio-Respiratory Frequency • 3-5 d/week Intensity • HRR 50% 50% to 85% 40% -50% Health • % Max HR 70% to 94% 64% to 70% Health Type Time • 20 to 60 minutes Resistance Resistance Training Frequency • 2-3 non-consecutive days non- Intensity • Weight / Volume / repetition duration / rest Weight periods periods / maintaining muscular tension Type • resistance Time • At least one set, 8-12 repetitions of 8-10 88exercisesexercises- target major muscle groups Flexibility Flexibility Frequency • 2-7 days per week Intensity • Stretch to end of ROM with slight tension or mild discomfort Time • Hold for 15-30 seconds 15• 2 to 4 repetitions per stretch Type • • • • Static PNF Dynamic Ballistic CRF CRF Progression & Training Methods CRF CRF Progression Plan Initial Conditioning Phase- ADHERENCE Phase• (4(4-6 weeks or longer): low-moderate level aerobic; light lowmuscular endurance; stretching and light calisthenics Frequency • 3-4 times per week. Every other day Intensity Intensity • Conservative based on person • HRR: 40% - 60% Heart Rate Reserve • APMHR: 64% - 70% Time • 10-20 minutes then increase to ~ 30 10- GOALS CRF CRF Progression Plan Improvement Conditioning Stage • (8-20 wk) big aerobic phase (8• GOAL: > 300 calories / workout Intensity • Needs to be increased • 50% to 85% HRR • 70% to 90% (or 94%) APMHR Time • Increased every 2-3 weeks to reach 20-30 220continuous Review every 2-4 weeks to improve 2progress CRF CRF Progression Plan Maintenance Stage • when they reach target functional capacity or reach goals Reached Reached after 6 or more months, usually usually up to 12 months Reassess goals Maintain and/or change variety Progression Progression Summary Change time, then intensity Change the type to keep motivated Consider different types of training to provide provide unique experiences Base the stages on the person, not the time line stated here. Calculate Calculate Target Heart Rate --APMHR --APMHR --HRR (Karvonen) --HRR (Karvonen) Calculate Calculate THR zone Tom is a 45 year old business man, with a resting heart rate of 65. Calculate Calculate THR zone Beth is a 55 year old with a resting heart rate of 85. Calculate Calculate THR zone Don is a 60 year old man with a resting heart rate of 75. Calculate Calculate THR zone Lisa is a 30 year old with a resting heart of 55. Calculate Calculate THR zone Quiz HW EXAM CASE STUDIES ...
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