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HW2 Problem Sheet - ENGR 13100 Fall 2010 HW 2 Homework No 2...

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ENGR 13100 – Fall 2010 HW 2 Page 1 of 4 Homework No. 2 Assigned: Class 1b SUMMARY OF READING AND UPCOMING DELIVERABLES DUE HC E Reading: Building Teams and Work Groups 2b Homework Problems [100 Points]: Problem 1 (20 pts): [Q&A Prep] – (Environmental & Ecological Engineering) 2b c - Problem 2 (20 pts): Design Squad Episode “Crash Test Rugby” 2b c - Problem 3 (20 pts): Starting Salaries 2b c - Problem 4 (20 pts): Sustainability Survey 2b - c Problem 5 (20 pts): Information Literacy Perceptions Survey 2b - c Project/MEA: N/A HC = Hard copy E = Electronic submission PROBLEM 1 (20 pts) (This problem is to be completed individually ) Question and Answer Session Preparation – Environmental & Ecological Engineering (DEEE) Step 1: Download the answer sheet for Homework #2 from the Homework folder on Blackboard. Save file to include your H drive. Step 2: Choose two important environmental issues. It is entirely open which two you choose – there are literally dozens of possibilities. You should choose two that you know something about, that are interesting to you, that you think are the most important, or that you want to learn more about. Step 3: For each of the two environmental issues, complete the following in the answer sheet: Q1. Name the issue. Q2. Find a reputable website or library source that gives a brief and understandable summary of the issue. (Wikipedia is not acceptable; though it may be useful to help you find other reputable sources). Give a citation of the source. Q3. Describe in one sentence why you think the source is reputable and useful. Q4.
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HW2 Problem Sheet - ENGR 13100 Fall 2010 HW 2 Homework No 2...

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