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RelativeResourceManager (Homework sheet) - ENGR 13100 Fall...

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ENGR 13100 – Fall 2010 HW 3 Page 1 of 5 Homework No. 3 Assigned: Class 2b SUMMARY OF READING AND UPCOMING DELIVERABLES DUE HC E Reading: Building Teams and Work Groups (CH6) 3b Design Thinking (CH7) 3b Homework Problems: Problem 1 (20 pts): [QA2 – School of IDE] 3b c - Problem 2 (20 pts): [QA3 – School of ECE] 3b c - Problem 3 (20 pts): Teams and Design Thinking 3b c - Problem 4 (20 pts): TEAM Code of Cooperation 3b c c Problem 5 (20 pts): TEAM Poster 3b c c Project / MEA: Commuter System 2020 - Milestone 1: Problem Scoping 4b c c HC = Hard copy E = Electronic submission PROBLEM 1 (20 pts) (This problem is to be completed individually ) Question and Answer Session Preparation – Interdisciplinary Engineering (IDE) Overview: Interdisciplinary Engineering attracts students from two significant sources—students who select IDE after the First-Year Engineering program who didn’t know about it when they came to Purdue and internal transfers from other engineering disciplines. Students who choose IDE are generally attracted by the flexibility and customizability of the IDE plans of study. In IDE, students are more likely to find courses that satisfy multiple criteria from the plan of study, which enables flexibility. Flexibility is also achieved as IDE students are eligible to select from a variety of courses to satisfy design requirements, a variety of capstone courses, and multiple courses in fluids, whereas students in specific engineering disciplines are usually required to take a specific course offered by their School. There are a variety of plans of study that do not attract enough students to be sustainable as individual majors, so the IDE program provides opportunities that would not otherwise be available, including the option of a student- developed plan of study. Students who graduate with a degree in IDE are arguably more versatile as they enter the workforce, but the transition is a bit more challenging. IDE students must be prepared to explain the nature of their degree to potential employers who may not be comfortable hiring students whose technical preparation is less understood. The IDE Director recommends that students who are unsure what major to choose, or who are equally attracted to IDE and one of Purdue’s specific disciplines should always start off in the specific discipline. It is always easier to switch from a specific engineering discipline to IDE than to do it the other way around. Assignment: Step 1: Download the Homework #3 answer sheet from the Homework folder on Blackboard. Rename the file with your section number and username and save file to your H: drive. Step 2: Review the Plan of Study for General Engineering concentration in Multidisciplinary Engineering (Plan_of_Study.pdf located under Homework 3 in Blackboard). Step 3:
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RelativeResourceManager (Homework sheet) - ENGR 13100 Fall...

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