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Business Law Essay - Within this case there are two...

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Business Law Assignment 2. Within this case there are two relevant parts, advice given to John, and advice given to Judith. I have separated these in respective order. Part 1. In consideration to the request lodged by John for advice on his legal position in regards to the case brought upon him by his son, I would outline the following argument. Outline of the facts: John purchases a new Holden Commodore car and queries his son Dave, if he would be able to use the car wash facilities at his garage on a regular basis agreeing to pay him “Whenever I have the money to spare.” Dave replies with an answer saying “That’s ok Dad, I suppose after all those years of love and care you have generously given to the family, it’s only fair that I should give something in return.” Within the space of the following year, John has frequented the car wash on a number of occasions resulting in the total of the bill amounting to $500. Dave then consequently sues John to the amount of $500 following this year of non- paid car washes. When analysing these facts, many issues arise which one must address in order to find out which party is in the wrong. Firstly one must ascertain whether there lies a legally enforceable contract between the two parties. Was the intent to form this contract of a legally enforceable nature or simply that of a family relationship? Also another issue one must look at is the default of payment. If the contract between the two parties was of a legally enforceable nature, then is John breaching the contract by not paying Dave the required sum of money. These issues are both dealt with in contract law.
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Business Law Essay - Within this case there are two...

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