Gravity Bong - THE GRAVITY BONG: I was introduced to the...

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THE GRAVITY BONG: T I was introduced to the gravity bong by a friend. He told me the full name as described to him was the "Afghanistan Gravity Bong". We were sitting around one night and decided to try one out. o While I could go into detail concerning the mechanics of the bong's operation, I don't think that is really necessary. The reason it is called a "gravity bong" and not something else is this is what someone called it, that is how they described it to their friends, and now it is an accepted term for the following setup. I have observed some people on the net arguing about gravity vs. pressure vs. whatever. If you have comments like this as a result of this description, I refer you to: The type of argument I have observed would have been halted a long time ago by declaring a "TECH TIME OUT !!" at our school. Take a hit man. I feel better now having said all that, so. .. on with the important stuff. .. t GRAVITY BONG OPERATION: G STEP 1: Place the bottomless bottle into a water source such as a bucket of water, sink, bathtub, larger bottle, fishtank (just kidding), etc. ..When the bottle rests on the bottom, the mouth piece should be above the water level enough to grip the bottle. I'm not sure if warm or cold water is best, or even if it makes much difference seeing as the smoke is not bubbled through it. m STEP 2: Pack the bowl and place it on the mouth of the bottle. STEP 3: SLOWLY!! draw the bottle out of the water, while lighting the bowl. The herb should really burn and the smoke will look intimidating. Stop when: a)the herb is all ash (preferable), or b)when the bottom of the bottle is still an inch or so below the
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Gravity Bong - THE GRAVITY BONG: I was introduced to the...

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