How do Drugs Affect Your Health

How do Drugs Affect Your Health - Servers now support both...

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VocalTec Internet Phone (TM) Version 2.5 (Build 9) - May, 1995 ==================================== Copyright(c) 1995 by VocalTec Ltd. Changes/Fixes from previous releases: ------------------------------------- - Skip this section if you're new to the Internet Phone. S Changes from build 8: C There is no functional change between build 8 and build 9. Build 9 only fixes a bug in the registration process, that caused some registrations to be treated as unregistered. If you are a registered user of build 8, then there is no need to download build 9, since the bug did not apply to you. For this reason, the build number (9) only appears in the About dialog. The on-line user information still shows build 8. Changes from Build 7: C 1. The Internet Phone now uses its own network of servers, instead of the public IRC network. 2. The list of users now can specify a port number. All Internet Phone
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Unformatted text preview: Servers now support both the standard IRC server (6667) and a new port, 6670 2. Fixed bug in volume, which sometimes had no affect while talking. 2 3. New registration mechanism (does not affect already-registered users) 3 4. The list of Topics and list of Users are less "jumpy" when users join and leave a channel that you're in. 5. Also, the current user and topic are kept when the dialog is reloaded. 5 6. Better handling of erroneous topic names. 6 7. Show a mark for registered users 7 8. Fixed some "Server not responding" situations. 8 9. "CONNECTION TIMEOUT" message changed to "CONNECTION LOST". 9 10. A new message "USER NOT ACCESSIBLE" will appear when getting no response from a user while trying to call him....
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How do Drugs Affect Your Health - Servers now support both...

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