Sexually Transmitted Diseases Report

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Report - TABLE OF CONTENTS I....

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TABLE OF CONTENTS I . Sexually transmitted diseaeses defined II. Genital Herpes I III. Vaginal Candidiasis I IV. Chlamydia V. Prevention V VI. Bibliography V SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES DEFINED S A sexually transmitted disease is not the same as genital disease. Most genital g diseases are not caused by sexually transmitted organisms. But most sexually transmitted t infections do involve the genitals. Infection of the rectum, throat, and i the eye are also common. Alot of sexually transmitted diseases spread t from a single place and produce sores on parts of the body. At least a dozen diseases are d sexually transmitted. Sexually transmitted diseases occur mainly in people 15 to 30 years y of age. But sometimes people are born with it because of an infected mother. o People with a sexually transmitted Disease are usually at high risk for catching other o diseases. There are more male infections reported than female cases. This is caused by b prostitutes and homosexual contacts. 50 percent or more infections result from p homosexual contacts. Other infections like syphilis, herpes, and HIV infection may be b passed on to the fetus or during childbirth. The fetus or baby can suffer from the disease d and can die from it. The helping of STDs has three parts: treatment, counseling, and a following up. Sometimes treatment is given in a single dose but in sometimes you have to h take it more than once. A person can still be infected even if the symptoms go away. That
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a is why a follow-up visit is important. To avoid spreading the infection the person should s not have sex until the doctor says that it is cured. It can take up to fourteen days. This d stops the Ping Pong effect. s GENITAL HERPES G This infection is caused by the Herpes simplex virus. The symptoms are similar, s and can result from either oral-to-genital or genital-to-genital contact. The virus causes c blisters on the genitals, similar to the cold sores that occur on the mouth. Cold sores on s the mouth are also caused by the herpes virus. These infections are caused by viruses v cures are not available. It has been estimated that approximately 1 in 6 people in c Australia has had a history of genital herpes at some time. A Not all people infected with the herpes virus will have symptoms. As many as N 60-70% of people with herpes virus type 2 infection by a blood test have not had 6 symptoms diagnosed as genital herpes. s Things occur most often on the penile shaft, glans or anal area and on the labia, l clitoris,vagina or cervix. They also are around the mouth or on the throat after oral sex. . o
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Report - TABLE OF CONTENTS I....

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