Book Report for The Chronicles of Narnia more information la

Book Report for The Chronicles of Narnia more information...

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Digory and Polly were good friends. They both lived in England for all of their lives. One day they were playing when Polly wanted to show Digory her secret place. It was up in her attic. She hid many things there. She hid fruits and snacks to eat and a lot of other stuff to. Digory noticed a door across the attic. Back then the houses were connected together and they thought that if they would cross the rafters and open the door they could sneak into a house and the next and so on. The reason for all of this was that one of the houses down a ways was abandon. So they started off, one rafter at a time. They had to remain extremely silent for if someone would here them they would think it was a robber. They opened the door and began the next house. After a while they came to the one that they thought was abandoned, but after they opened the door and saw all the books they knew that they were wrong. They were in the forbidden study. That was uncle Andrews private room. It seemed as if no one was in the room, so they decided to look around. Polly noticed that there were several different types of rings on the table. Suddenly Digory saw someone stand up from the chair, it was uncle Andrew. He told Polly not to touch the rings, but it was to late. She disappeared into the air. Digory was confused. He wondered what the rings did. Did Polly just disappear or did she go to some distant land? Uncle Andrew explained how that one ring would take you to this land and that the other one would bring you back. Uncle Andrew was not sure that it worked yet because the only things that entered before were guinea pigs. Digory put two rings in each pocket with gloves(so he would not disappear). Two were for Polly and two for him. He put the disappear ring and felt funny as he went speedy to the new land. It felt as if he was swimming. He swam upward to see where the water went. He came out of the water and saw a beautiful forest. He noticed guinea pigs and far away a girl leaning against a tree. They noticed that there were many other puddles of water like the ones they
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Book Report for The Chronicles of Narnia more information...

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