Some Times a shining moment

Some Times a shining moment - In the book Sometimes a...

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In the book Sometimes a Shining Moment: Eliot Wiginton had a student that talked about a teacher who takes time to recognize students as an individual and not just part of a group. The student went on to say "I had one particular teacher that I would never forget. Once when the teacher gave back an essay I found that she had complimented my essay, the topic, and even me." I had a teacher that that was just like the teacher that one of the juniors or seniors had. The teacher that I remember the best was my twelfth grade English teacher, Mrs. Oehler was a type of teacher that always involved every one in the class discussion. She took the time to realize me as a individual and not just a student that showed up for her class every day. Every day when I went to class I was excited to be their. We never knew what Mrs. Oehler had up her sleeve, but we knew that we would have a good time. When I showed up at room 124 on the first day of class I did not know what to expect. You see I never had Mrs. Oehler in my previous three years of high school. I thought she would be a nice person to have as teacher, but I never knew that she would be the best teacher that I ever had. I first noticed that Mrs. Oehler was a special kind of person when she came over to my desk and out of the clear blue she asked me about my story I was writing for her class. I was surprised to here her say "so Matt how do you like you story so far". She did not ask any body else in the class, just me. It was those little things that she did that impressed me. She always made time in class for each and every one of us to state our opinion about the days topic. Some days when we were reading a story she would turn it into a theatrical
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Some Times a shining moment - In the book Sometimes a...

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