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sci 245 checkpoint week 1

sci 245 checkpoint week 1 - depends on one another for...

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The Earth is made up of four subsystems. These subsystems are known as; lithosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. All four of these subsystems interact together, and play important parts in geology. The Earth’s plants remove and draw nutrients from the lithosphere. These nutrients then incorporate them into the biosphere. Plants die and decompose, when this happens some of the material may enter the atmosphere. The other parts of these dead or decomposed plants may fossilize and reenter the lithosphere. When rocks erode the minerals they contain becomes salt in the hydrosphere. The lakes evaporate their salts back into the lithosphere. These four subsystems all work together and we all depend on them. Each group also
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Unformatted text preview: depends on one another for survival. All living things on Earth require air and water to survive. Plants create oxygen, but in order to grow they require land and water. Land provides us nourishment and the ability to grow foods to survive. Water provides us with many abilities, and air gives us and all living things the ability to breathe. Each of these subsystems contains their own sections. The lithosphere is made up of solids such as the Earth’s rocks and any solid on the surface of the Earth. The biosphere is made up of all the Earth’s living things. The atmosphere is the Earth’s air. The hydrosphere is made up of liquids, gases, and water. These four subsystems work together and make the Earth a livable place....
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