Implementation Pressman and Wildavsky

Implementation Pressman and Wildavsky - Implementation

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  Implementation How Great Expectations in Washington Are Dashed in Oakland; Or, Why It's Amazing that Federal Programs Work at All, This Being a Saga of the  Economic Development Administration as Told by Two Sympathetic Observers Who Seek to Build Morals on a Foundation of Ruined Hopes, Third  edition, Expanded Jeffrey L. Pressman and Aaron Wildavsky   Pressman and wildavsky Review of Implementation By Jeffrey L. Pressman & Aaron Wildavsky Review by Kimberly Harding (Emphasis added) When this book was written, the study of policy implementation was just beginning to be studied. Pressman and Wildavsky analyze the struggles of policy implementation of the Economic Development Administration's (EDA) plan to hire the hardcore unemployed minorities of Oakland, CA in their book Implementation: How Great Expectations in Washington are Dashed in Oakland; Or, Why It's Amazing that Federal Programs Work at All . The authors examine the problems that the EDA had with this particular case as well as analyze exactly what happened to cause the program with such great expectations to produce such meager results. They also use what happened in Oakland to provide insight into other policy implementation strategies so that mistakes in Oakland can be avoided by future projects. In the beginning, there were high hopes for the program. Oakland seemed like the perfect
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city based on its history of high unemployment, political situation, potential for riot, and previous contacts and experience. The EDA was a relatively new organization, meaning that it had priority over other organizations and people were very concerned with its success. The leaders were very invested in the program and dealt with the decisions and program as a whole with much fervor. In addition, there was sufficient money available to fund the programs necessary to pull Oakland's employment statistics up. However, things had to move quickly, forcing a decision- making strategy of fast decisions in a "do something now, or do nothing at all"-type
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Implementation Pressman and Wildavsky - Implementation

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