PADM 820 Council Paper Rubric SPRING 2011

PADM 820 Council Paper Rubric SPRING 2011 - /2 Number of...

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Name: ____________________________________ Date:___________________________ PADM 820 – Seminar in Urban Government SPRING 2011 Evaluation Criteria for Council Meeting Paper Assignment The following factors will be used to evaluate the assignment: Criteria for Evaluation of Council Paper (3-5 pages) Clearly written observations of the meeting and the role of the urban administrator in the meeting
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Unformatted text preview: _____ /2 Number of council members and citizens present _____ /2 Demographic information concerning the council members _____ /2 Topics/issues covered during the council meeting _____ /2 Paper written in APA Format with Agenda attached _____ /2 MAXIMUM POINTS 10 _________ TOTAL POINTS FOR COUNCIL PAPER TOTAL POINTS AWARDED TOWARD FINAL GRADE Total _________...
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