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2/1/11 PADM 851 Seminar in Public Planning Spring 2011 Assignments At A Glance Chapter Discussion Questions Chapter Topic Presentations 2 1/26/2011 2-1 Raygnol Pierre Identify two or three different kinds of plans that you have made for yourself or your family during the last year. Were these long-range or short-range plans? What data was involved in making the plans? Were the policy decisions difficult to make, or did the data make it obvious which choice made sense? 2-1 Alicia Martinez Planning Traditions in the United States 8 2/2/2011 8-7 Olasumbo Akinsola When was the last school built in your community? How does that relate to the growth patterns of the community? Was it a logical location for a school at the time it was built? Has it turned out to be a logical location for a new school? Are there new areas of the community without schools? 8-Robert Wilson Planning for Water and Sewer Systems 12 2/9/2011
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Unformatted text preview: 12-9 Macus Gipson Are there neighborhoods where you particularly like to walk or ride your bike? What makes them attractive for that? Do they have a grid street system or a hierarchical one? Are the sidewalks next to the street or set away from them? How wide are the streets? How fast do cars drive? 12-5 Colin Cook Issues in Subdivision Design 3 2/16/2011 3-5 Clifford Ovunwo Make a table of contents for a new plan for your community; use the laws and examples quoted in this chapter as starting points, but make it to fit your community. 3-6 Alexandria Harris Make a list of agencies that you would contact for data to be used in an existing conditions analysis. Even if you do not actually gather the data, at least identify the actual name of the agencies (not just 3-Omotayo Aina Role of the Planning Commission 3-Frank Hayden Historic Evolution of Comprehensive Plan...
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