PADM 851 Rubric Mini Planning Paper SPRING 2011

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Spring 2011 Seminar in Public Planning Rubric for Mini Planning Paper PADM 851 Name: ______________________________________ Date: _______________________________________ The agenda needs to be attached to the assignment and write a three to four page observation of your experience (double spaced). Your paper should include: 1. Number of persons attending the meeting ______/ 3 2. Outline the structure of the meeting ______/5 3. Participants position titles, approximate demographic information on the persons present
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Unformatted text preview: ______ / 3 4. Topics/issues discussed and other information that you think will add value to your paper. ______4 Total Points______/15 points Dr. Bruce’s Comments: _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________...
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