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UCLA Dept. of Electrical Engineering EE 114: Introduction to Speech and Image Processing Winter 2011 Instructor: Professor John Villasenor Eng. IV 56-147H Telephone: 310-825-0228 email: [email protected] office hours: TBA Teaching Assistant: Shaunak Joshi email: [email protected] office hours: TBA Lectures: Mondays and Wednesdays: 10:30am, Public Affairs Building 2270 Discussion Sections: 1A F 12:00-12:50 BOELTER 5272 1B M 4:00-4:50 BOELTER 5272 Course Description: EE 114 is concerned with applications of digital signal processing to speech and image processing. In the first portion of the course issues related to speech production and speech signal analysis will be covered. The second portion of the course will cover two-dimensional signal and image processing. The webpage for the class is at: http://www.eeweb.ee.ucla.edu/classes.php. Prerequisites: EE 102 and EE 113. Homework: Homework and computer assignments will typically be distributed and collected every week. The assignments are an important aspect of the course, and must be handed in by the due date. For the
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Unformatted text preview: computer assignments, we recommend that you work in groups of two. Speech processing assignments can be done in most of the SEASnet rooms since machines there are equipped with soundcards. The image-processing computer assignments can be done in any SEASnet lab. Instructions on SEASnet Accounts: Engineering students who have paid W11 fees can create their own accounts on any SEASnet lab machine. Lab locations and hours can be accessed at http://www.seas.ucla.edu/SEASnet/. Non-engineering students will need to fill out a class account form. A class account is good for one the quarter and will be removed afterwards. Textbook (required): Course notes for EE 114 are available at the ASUCLA bookstore. Other: The midterm exam will be held on Wednesday, February 9 The final exam will be held in class on Wednesday, March 9 Final grades will be determined according to the following distribution: Homework and Computer Assignments: 30%, Midterm: 35%, Final: 35%...
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