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CEE/ME 1770 PORTFOLIO FORMAT The following outline describes how your portfolio should be organized for the 1770 course. Your Portfolio will be checked during the course of the semester and will be graded. See the course syllabus for the weight of this score. Use labeled tabs or dividers to separate each of the 4 major sections (I through IV below). Within each section, the material should be placed in chronological order. Every page should have a date at the top of the page. If you begin taking notes anywhere other than the top of a page, the new date should be inserted before any new notes. Prior to the first section should be a Title Page with your name, section, contact information in case your portfolio is lost. A Table of Contents that lists the 4 sections in
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Unformatted text preview: your notebook as listed below. I. Lecture and Lab Notes Notes include the names of presentations and notes on individual slides Assignments, Daily Activities Handouts dated as you receive them Planning notes done prior to assigned work Lecture and Lab assignments and exercises and all assessed work, printouts of CAD work and etc. II. 2D CAD Problem Notes Handouts Sketches Final Drawings III. Team Project Assignment and Scope Team Members and Contact Information Plan of Action/Timeline Personal Meeting Minutes Solution/Project Summary Personal Contributions, sketches, planning notes, schedules Printouts of personal work done in CAD for project IV. Graded Work Tests...
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