Breaching Exercise Intro fall 2010

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Assignment One – Intro to Sociology 2010 – due 9/15 Breaching Exercise: I would like you to conduct your own breaching exercise – You should use sociological concepts such as norms, norm violations, deviance, sociological imagination, or any other concepts, including theory, you can relate to our class. I must see the text and class materials cited within the discussion I suggest you have read chapter two prior to write-up but other ideas that apply: Ch4 – sanctions, stigma Labeling theory Decide upon an unspoken rule or behavior (that implies your behavior will not be in violation of any legal code) and then “break” that rule of conduct by acting in violation of it. This assignment in no way encourages you to violate the law or any school code of conduct. It addition, you may not conduct this exercise in any other classroom setting as it may be disruptive. Finally, be ethical! For example, do not take the electric shopping carts at Meijer and pretend to be handicap because someone
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