Final Paper Info and grading rubric

Final Paper Info and grading rubric - Final Paper 210...

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Final Paper – 210 points – due 12/3 Note – any paper turned in by 11/22 will receive 5 points of extra credit – do not do this just to get it finished and hand in a paper that is not that good The final paper topic for this class will need to be about a social movement group such as the American Indian Movement, MADD, Black Panther Party, etc. All topics must be approved. I will not allow more than 2 students to have the same topic. The final week of class and the final exam day we will have informal presentations (three days in total). Presentations can include poster boards or some other type of creative idea – stop by my office to look at examples. These presentations will not be presented in a lecture format, but instead presenters will set up throughout the classroom and the remaining students will have the ability to move around and examine the work of the various presenters. NOTE: This assignment must be completed to pass the course. Power point presentations are not acceptable. I don’t mind the use of a computer for the presentation. Point breakdown: Topic Choice – 10 points – this means choosing a topic and not changing that topic – changing topic will result in a loss of the 10 points. A change must be approved by me. I have found students procrastinate in finding a topic and journals, often picking a topic before they have even found an article – this could be very problematic in the long run. My suggestion is to find some articles first. Presentation – 60 points – 30 is for the project itself, 30 is for presenting it Presentation’s analysis – 40 points (20 for each day of assessing others) Paper – 100 points – must be turned in on time There are absolutely no make-ups regardless of reason nor can you get the points if you do not present and/or do not show up the other two days for class presentations. Requirements:
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Final Paper Info and grading rubric - Final Paper 210...

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