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Europe 1

Europe 1 - Introduction o Western northern and southern...

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Introduction o Western, northern, and southern Europe is rimmed by water o Eastern boundary is defined by closeness of ties to European Union (rather than to Russia) o Diversity in Europe Different climates, landforms, agricultural output 40 different countries, with many different languages and cultures Long history of warfare, mostly along national lines Europe is globalizing (European Union is major supranational organization) Major colonial power, cradle of the Industrial Revolution o Europe is about 2/3 the size of North America o Much of Europe lies within the same latitude range as Canada o Even the Mediterranean lands are farther north than the border between the U.S. and Mexico Environmental Geography o Four factors that explain Europe's diversity: Complex geology with newest and oldest formations Latitudinal extent (from Arctic to Mediterranean Subtropics) Modification of latitudinal controls by land and water interaction Thousands of years of human settlement caused changes
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