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Europe 2 - • Renaissance-Baroque(1500 1800 AD wider...

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Settlement and Population o 531 million people, highest densities in historic industrial core o Very slow growth o Birth rates lower than death rates (among the world's lowest) o Last stage Demographic Transition Women in workforce, contraception available, lack of affordable housing Some countries offer incentives for more children o Migration to and within Europe Growing resistance to immigration Scarce jobs should go to Europeans Concerns about terrorism Dilution of national culture Immigrants provide labor and tax revenues, support retirees EU working toward common immigration policy "Guest Worker" program Gastarbeiter in Germany, mostly Turks Easer Europeans attracted to economic opportunity in western Europe ("pull" factor) o Europe is highly urbanized, over 50% in most countries and 90% in UK and Belgium o Three Landscape Types Medieval landscape (900-1500 AD) - densely settled, buildings next to streets, green space only near churches and public squares
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Unformatted text preview: • Renaissance-Baroque (1500- 1800 AD) - wider streets, large gardens, monuments, open space, ornate architecture • Industrial (1800-Prestent AD) walls and fortifications removed, industrial areas build on edge of cities, urban sprawl developed o Geography of Languages • Germanic (200 million) - German, English, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic- North of Alps • Romance (200 million) - Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian- Southern countries • Slavic (80 million) - Largest number of languages (includes Russian)- Eastern regions • Cultural Coherence and Diversity o Schism between western and eastern Christianity • Division in 1054 AD of Roman Catholic and eastern Orthodox churches Greek missionaries refused rule by Roman bishops • Economic and Social Development o Regional Disparities Within Eastern Europe • Successful transition in Czech Republic...
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