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1. Concept of nation-state did not exist when Ottoman Empire was at its peak o People cite that Palestinians did not have a nation-state, therefore it is ok to kick them out o This is anachronous, because nation-states did not exist 2. Conflict over land is only about 120 years old 3. Largely agricultural area, some towns 4. Ottoman Land Code - tax people according to how much land they own, although not everyone owned land o Peasants wanted to continue the way they were living (sharing land and harvesting it together within communities), had head of town register as owner of the land 5. This created the availability of land for sale 6. Many Jewish people bought land in the Palestine area and moved there to escape Nazi anti- Semitism 7. Birth of Nation-states o Concept began in France after French Revolution o Often created unity by showing people that they had a national shared history and a tie to one another o "We have created Italy, now we must create Italians" o Russia - created more segregation
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