South Asia 1

South Asia 1 - 1. Introduction o India, Pakistan,...

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1. Introduction o India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives o World's second most populous region, concerns about food production continue as population grows o South Asia was a British colony for several years o India and Pakistan in conflict since gaining independence in 1947 o One of world's poorest regions 2. Environmental Geography o Building the Quadrilateral Highway Multilane highways are rare, travel takes a long time New route will connect New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai Religious and environmental conflicts o Environmental Issues 1984 explosion at Bhopal fertilizer plant killed 2500 people Natural Hazards in Bangladesh Ganges and Brahmaputra river deltas flood in wet summer monsoons, dense settlement there results in many deaths Forests and Deforestation Causes: agricultural, urban, and industrial expansion Fuel wood shortage leads to use of manure for heating rather than fertilizer o South Asia's Monsoon Climates Monsoon: distinct seasonal change of wind direction
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South Asia 1 - 1. Introduction o India, Pakistan,...

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