Southeast Asia 1

Southeast Asia 1 - destroyed Many southeast Asian countries...

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1. Setting the Boundaries o Illustrates both the promises and perils of globalization o Has long been influenced by external sources because of its resources and its strategic location o Recent economic turmoil has come with increased ethnic and social tensions in many countries in the region o ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, has brought a new level of regional cooperation to the area with a goal of the countries in the region to control - rather than to be controlled by - external global forces 2. Environmental Geography o The Tragedy of the Karen Nearly 7 million tribal people living in the mountainous border between Burma and Thailand Rebelled against the Burmese government to gain independence Burmese army overran most of Karen territory, and gained control of the teak forests there o The Deforestation of the Southeast Asia Export-oriented logging companies have reached deep into the region's forests Damages watersheds, landscapes are denuded, wildlife habitat
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Unformatted text preview: destroyed Many southeast Asian countries have established bans on the export of raw logs o Smoke and Air Pollution • Increasingly poor air quality from urban smog, dry conditions, smoke from clearing forests for other uses o Patterns of Physical Geography • Mainland Environments Rugged uplands interspersed with broad lowlands associated with large rivers Mountains near Thai-Burma border • The Influence of the Monsoon Tropical monsoon and tropical wet climates in SE Asia Monsoon winds bring hot and rainy season (May to October) Dry and hot conditions (November to April) • Insular Environments Is a region of countless islands • Indonesia has more than 13,000 islands • Philippines has 7,000 islands • Island Climates More complex than on the mainland • Receives rain during the Northern Hemisphere's winter Typhoons: tropical hurricanes that bring heavy rainfall...
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Southeast Asia 1 - destroyed Many southeast Asian countries...

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