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A Doll House 2

A Doll House 2 - "miracle" o Helmer's reaction to...

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Act 3 o What do we learn about Mrs. Linde and Krogstad? They are old lovers, but Mrs. Linde married another man so that she could financially support her brothers and dying mother. They have a need for one another and realize they can save each other. o The dance ends upstairs and Nora and Helmer return. Mrs. Linde tells Nora she must reveal everything to her husband. Nora believes that the "miracle" (Helmer will step up for her and take the fall) will save her. o Helmer is quite turned on by Nora. Dr. Rank interrupts to say good-by. He has had his final diagnosis, he is dying and leaves his calling card with a black cross in the mailbox. Helmer gets the mail. o What is Nora's moment of awakening? Helmer freaks out at her for putting him in a bad situation and potentially ruining everything that he has worked for. Nora realizes that Helmer won't take the fall for her and provide her with the
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Unformatted text preview: "miracle." o Helmer's reaction to the letter: He does not offer to sacrifice himself to save her, as she would have done. He reads the second letter and realizes that nothing will come of it but his relief is for himself. o "I've changed my dress." - Nora is a different woman o Nora can never to back to sleep. She can never return to being his "doll" or his plaything. She must discover who she is - individual responsibility. She must question everything. o Her first action in the play is to enter the house, her final action of the play is to exit the house • Themes o Self-awareness o Being true to one's self identity o Marriage and identity • Important quotes o p. 424 - Nora says she is a human being, needs to become aware of what her true identity is o Nora has been waiting for a miracle (for Torvald to step up and take the blame when Krogstad revealed everything)...
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