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A Raisin in the Sun 2

A Raisin in the Sun 2 - Africa/Cultural Pride o Beneatha...

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Africa/Cultural Pride o Beneatha talks quite a bit about African history o She accuses George Murchison, her date, of being an assimilationist o She dates a student from Nigeria and speaks knowingly about African political issues o She pleads with her mother not to embarrass her in front of Asagai o Beneatha changes her hairstyle from chemically treated to natural o She embraces the music and clothing given to her by Asagai o Walter ridicules it and makes fun of it o Most African Americans thought like Walter in 1959… Knowledge of African culture was pretty limited Women's Roles o Three generations of women living in the same house with different views on a woman's role o Mama is traditional - she believes in a man being the head of the household, believes women should get married and have children o Ruth - not as traditional as Mama, speaks her mind to Walter but encourages Beneatha to "make peace" and not fight with him Believes Beneatha should get married o Beneatha - the feminist in the house Rebels from being the traditional woman, not looking for a husband but instead wants to be a doctor Does not find a sense of herself through a man's eyes She speaks her mind - in Act 1, Scene 1 she boldly tells her mother that "there is not God" Act 1, Scene 1 o
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