Angels in America 3

Angels in America 3 - her how to get to the Mormon Center...

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Act Three - Not-Yet-Conscious, Forward Dawning o Scene 1 Prior is visited by his ancestors Prior 1 and Prior 2 They tell him they also died in a plague They tell him they have been sent to prepare the way for a messenger They perform a ritualistic chant to prepare the way o Scene 2 (split scene) Louise and Belize in a coffee shop Racism, anti-Semitism, Love "Real love isn't ambivalent." Prior is having a check-up Describing symptoms to Emily including the voices He hears her speak Hebrew A flaming book arises o Scene 3 Harper is in a fantasy with Mr. Lies He has taken her to Antarctica She wants to stay but he tells her that she cannot He tells her that her pregnancy is a lie o Scene 4 Hannah - Joe's Mom - arrives in NYC and is lost She meets a woman who is incoherent at first but then manages to tell
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Unformatted text preview: her how to get to the Mormon Center downtown o Scene 5 Joe refuses Roy's offer Roy blows up He doubles over in pain as Ethel Rosenberg appears She calls an ambulance for him Ethel Rosenberg: "History is about to crack wide open. Millennium approaches." Change o Scene 6 Prior 1 and 2 appear Magically Louis appears to dance with Prior Part of the magic necessary to bring the angel to earth The sound of beating wings fills the room o Scene 7 (split scene) Joe and Louis meet in the park Joe has followed him there They leave together The sound of wings continues The angel crashes through the ceiling and announces to Prior: "Greetings, Prophet. The great work begins; the Messenger has arrived."...
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Angels in America 3 - her how to get to the Mormon Center...

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