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Elizabethean Theatre 1

Elizabethean Theatre 1 - Historical Background o Henry VIII...

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Historical Background o Henry VIII divorced Catherin of Aragon and was excommunicated in 1532, established the Protestant Church of England o Crown controlled all public gatherings including theater in order to suppress political unrest o Feast of Corpus Christi cancelled in 1548 o Crop failures, deflation of currency, repeated bouts of the plague, threats of invasion coupled by rebellion within Drama under Henry VII and Henry VIII o Interludes - brief dramatic entertainments o School drama - written by universities Performed by boy companies in Blackfriar Hall The reign of Queen Elizabeth o Lived 1533-1603 o The reign of Queen Elizabeth is known as the Elizabethan age in England o The daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, who was executed when Elizabeth was only two o She reigned as Queen of England from 1558 until 1603 o She never married and consequently was known as the virgin Queen. A whole mythology developed around the Queen, both in art and literature, and she possessed a
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