Late 17th - 18th Century 1

Late 17th - 18th Century 1 - from the Spanish stage as well...

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Asian Theater o Relied on dance more than western drama did o Japan 1608-1869 isolated from the western world Tokugawa Period Christianity o Bunraku Puppet theater - large puppets, 2/3 life size With three handlers dressed in black Chanters - do all the text, play all the characters as well as narrator Music - Shamisen Three-stringed instrument o Kabuki Started when female dancers began to give public performances Originally performed by women, but women were banned in 1629 Female impersonators took over Golden Age of Drama - Spain o Religious dramas - autos sacramentales Auto = one act play Sacramentales = sacraments o Performed during Corpus Christi festival o Combined elements of medieval, morality, and mystery plays Spain o Secular drama and Religious drama developed side by side o Dramatists Lope De Vega Pedro Calderon Women dramatists were also active for a while Eventually became too controversial and women were banned
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Unformatted text preview: from the Spanish stage as well • English Restoration • Restoration Theater o Civil war from 1642-1649 o Charles I beheaded o Puritans ran the country until… • 1660 - Charles II restored to the throne • 1685 - Charles died, his brother James II ruled • 1688 - Parliament invited Mary to rule • 1642-1660 o Theaters closed and dismantled o Actors persecuted • Puritans believed that theater was unwholesome, that actors neglected their spiritual studies o Secret performances were organized as DROLLS - short versions of full-length plays o 1656 - Davenant, producer, presented The Siege of Rhodes , using the proscenium arch, wing and shutter setting • Restoration o While exiled in France, the court was exposed to French and Italian theatrical devices o As a result, new theaters were built… • Theater Royal • Drury Lane • Lincoln's Fields Inn • Dorset Garden Theater...
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Late 17th - 18th Century 1 - from the Spanish stage as well...

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