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Late 17th - 18th Century 2

Late 17th - 18th Century 2 - Neoclassicism o France Spain...

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Neoclassicism o France, Spain, England had similar developments in theater during the early 1600s o NEOCLASSICISM - an attempt to revive and emulate classical attitudes towards art based on… Order Harmony Unity Restrained wit Decorum o Neoclassical drama Strict unity of time, place, and action No mixing of comedy/tragedy No chorus No soliloquy No deus ex machina o With the return of King Charles II from France, the English theater started to change Changes on the English Stage o Scenic changes New theaters… Long and narrow Indoors Artificial lighting Theaters were opened year round New theaters allowed for new scenic designs Painted backdrops Actors could enter/exit the stage from the wings or between the drops Proscenium arch Pit - raked with benches, boxes, galleries o Actresses appeared on stage Drama o Heroic Tragedy - extraordinary characters who undertook extraordinary deeds
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