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Tartuffe 1

Tartuffe 1 - • Plautus • Seneca • Illustre Theater o...

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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin aka Moliere o Born in 1622, father worked for court as furniture maker o Studied at Jesuit schools, earned a low degree o Father wanted him to fallow in his footsteps o He became an actor, changed his name so not to embarrass his family o Co-created theater Illustre with Armande Bejart, went bankrupt in 1645 o Ended up in debtors prison o Left Paris for 13 years in Provinces o 1658 - Louis XIV saw the company and gave it a patent, became known as the "King's Men" o Acted, produced, and wrote plays o Plays were controversial, Tartuffe was banned for a while o Wife, Armande Bejart acted in plays with him o Collapsed on stage and died during a performance o Influenced by the plays of
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Unformatted text preview: • Plautus • Seneca • Illustre Theater o First theater troupe formed in 1664 o Changed his name to Moliere in 1665 • Theater o In early 17th century, it consisted of scripts from other countries as well as Italian farces o 1660 - King Louis XIV granted his troupe a patent giving the right to perform • French Academy o French literature was transformed by the founding of this academy 10 years earlier o Unities o Tragedy for Kings and upper class o Comedy for lower class • Neoclassicism - an attempt to revive and emulate classical attitudes towards art based on… o Order o Harmony o Unity o Restrained wit o Decorum o No deus ex machina...
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Tartuffe 1 - • Plautus • Seneca • Illustre Theater o...

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