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Tartuffe 2

Tartuffe 2 - • Act 4 o Scene 1 Cleante meets Tartuffe o...

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Tartuffe o Controversial Originally banned because the clergy felt they were being mocked o Main conflict - Orgon and his mother cannot see the true nature of Tartuffe's character o Themes: Illusion vs. Reality, Reason vs. Passion Act 1 o Scene 1 - Meet Madame Pernelle and family o Scene 2 - We hear about the influence Tartuffe has over Orgon o Scene 3 - Learn about the lovers and the wedding o Scene 4 - Meet Orgon o Scene 5 - Cleante tries to convince Orgon to see Tartuffe for who he truly is Act 2 o Scene 1 - Orgon tells Mariane of her engagement o Scene 2 - Orgon and Dorine o Scene 3 - Dorine counsels Mariane o Scene 4 - Valere and Mariane argue over her father's will for her to wed Tartuffe Act 3 o Scene 1 - Damis and Dorin make a plan o Scene 2 - We meet Tartuffe o Scene 3 - Tartuffe and Elmire, Tartuffe tries to seduce Elmire o Scene 4 - Damis confronts Tartuffe o Scene 5 - Orgon arrives o Scene 6 - Damis is disowned and disinhereited o Scene 7 - Orgon agrees to give Tartuffe the title to everything he owns
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Unformatted text preview: • Act 4 o Scene 1 - Cleante meets Tartuffe o Scene 2 - Dorine asks for Cleante's help o Scene 3 - Mariane begs her father to change his mind. Elmire tries to tell him of Tartuffe's true character. o Scene 4 - Orgon hides under the table while… o Scene 5 - Elmire tries to expose the "real" Tartuffe o Scene 6 - Orgon has seen the light o Scene 7 - Tartuffe is confronted o Scene 8 - Orgon realizing his misplaced trust goes to see about a strongbox he asked Tartuffe to keep • Act 5 o Scene 1 - Cleante and Orgon debate what to do next o Scene 2 - Damis returns o Scene 3 - Orgon's mother returns o Scene 4 - The bailiff arrives to throw the family out o Scene 5 - Orgon's mother is finally convinced o Scene 6 - Valere offers to help Orgon escape o Scene 7 - Tartuffe arrives with the officers to arrest Orgon BUT the King has seen through Tartuffe and arrests Tartuffe instead...
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Tartuffe 2 - • Act 4 o Scene 1 Cleante meets Tartuffe o...

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