The Rising of the Moon

The Rising of the Moon - Characterization o Police sergeant...

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Elements of Drama o Plot Exposition Suspense Rising action Climax Falling action o Character o Setting o Dialogue o Music o Movement Plot o Exposition - Police sergeant and two policemen are looking for an escaped rebel o Suspense - The rebel is disguised as a ballad singer. The singer and the sergeant talk. o Rising action - The sergeant recognizes the rebel's qualities in the ballad singer. The two policeman return and ask if the sergeant has seen any signs. o Climax - two policemen return and with ballad singer hiding, ask the sergeant if he has seen any signs of the rebel. When the sergeant gives his answer, the climax has occurred. o Falling action - All the events following the sergeant's answer
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Unformatted text preview: Characterization o Police sergeant Starts out bossy Starts to reveal sympathy with the ballad singer as he realizes who he is A complex character o Rebel/Ballad singer Passionate about cause Willing to take risks Trusts the sergeant Ragged, poor Setting o Ireland, 1907, a dock, night, moonlight A barrel, rope and chains Dialogue o Dialect of the "rural Irish" Music o Song sung by rebel reveals the sympathy of the sergeant Themes o Revolution Fighting against the British rule o Unity of the Irish people The plea for law and order for all Irish people...
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The Rising of the Moon - Characterization o Police sergeant...

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