Mechanisms for Government Action

Mechanisms for Government Action - Mechanisms for...

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Mechanisms for Government Action Tuesday, October 26, 2010 11:09 AM Tools of collective action o A tool of collective action is an identifiable method to address a public problem Government is that agency in the division of labor which has the power to coerce all other agents in society o It is the locus of ultimate power o Dahl and Lindblom Alternatively o Direct/indirect Direct - grant for research to university, etc. Indirect - giving tax refund for research, put it out there that the cost of research is lower and research is expected o De jure/de facto De jure - has to be implemented De facto - exists by default o Effective/ineffective Accomplish or fall short of an intended goal o Unintended consequences Second and third order effects Set in place a series of adjustments in society Government budget directs policy and priorities Ex. Housing o Federal objectives (Congressional Budget Office 1978) Reducing the incidence of substandard housing and overcrowding Increasing residential construction and reducing cyclical instability in the home building industry Expanding access to mortgage credit and encouraging homeownership Encouraging residential integration and deconcentration of lower- income households Providing housing for individuals with special needs due to age or disability
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Promoting community development and neighborhood preservation and revitalization Main agency - Housing and Urban Development o U.S. Housing Act of 1937 o
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Mechanisms for Government Action - Mechanisms for...

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