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A Flat Rock - o What does poetry contribute Allows emotions...

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"A Flat Rock: Poetry, Perception, and Landscape" - Thomas Rabbitt Thursday, September 09, 2010 2:50 PM What does the flat rock represent? o The rock is a problem because he thinks it’s a problem. He plows around it because it is real. The flat rock is… o Substantive, part of life's context o Problem o Mystery/Unknown o Resistance to change o Chaos/Disorder What is landscape according to Rabbitt? o MacDonald incorporated the landscape within himself o He didn't move the rock because it had become a part of himself. If he moved it, he would change himself and he wasn't ready to do that. How do we read landscapes? o Rabbitt believes that we read landscapes through poetry
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Unformatted text preview: o What does poetry contribute? - Allows emotions to be expressed, Creates an indirect response/image, Catalyst for mood and expression • Why does the author think Malcolm, in the end, might set the flat rock "up on edge" right where it now lies in the field? o The flat rock represents: • His sentiment for the landscape, it is a part of himself • Symbol/Monument - monument to solving problems, change rather than a resistance to change • Granite sun • Rabbitt argues that the landscape has many answers for us, if we will just address the questions....
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