A Natural History of the Plastic Pink Flamingo

A Natural History of the Plastic Pink Flamingo - o So...

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"A Natural History of the Plastic Pink Flamingo" - Jennifer Price Tuesday, November 16, 2010 2:48 PM Theme: What makes the plastic pink flamingo an icon of American culture? Origins of animal yard sculpture… o Symbolic displays of animals in the gardens in order to reestablish a connection to nature during the industrial period What drew the flamingo into suburban yards? o Taking something exotic and putting it in your yard Take from Florida o Get someone's attention o Icon of ridiculousness, not afraid of having fun o Icon of memory, the good times you had Shifts in the symbolic meaning of the plastic pink flamingo…
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Unformatted text preview: o So ridiculous that it has to be fun • "A rebellion against good taste" o Its funny, something that you can laugh at • It has no business being where it is, but that is what makes it fun o Anti-art • What does the plastic pink flamingo tell us about changes in American cultural landscapes? o Metaphor for changing tastes o The way you use it tells something about you as an individual, identity marker o Pink flamingos have infiltrated other parts of culture (shirts, mugs, lamps, dusters)...
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