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Boyhood Landscape and Repetition

Boyhood Landscape and Repetition - landscape acts as a...

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"Boyhood Landscape and Repetition" - John R. Stilgoe Tuesday, September 14, 2010 2:41 PM What is landscape for Stilgoe? o Related to how it was for you as a child What is Stilgoe's basic interest in this look at landscape? o He wants to connect his boyhood with his adulthood o He wants to connect how he saw the landscape as a child with how he sees it as an adult What is the interplay between our youthful encounter and our adult interaction with the landscape? o There is a certain way that childhood experiences in certain landscapes affect how we see things as an adult How does landscape function as a "prism"? o A prism is an object which splits a beam of whit light into all of its different colors o Use your childhood experiences as a prism Experiences now are affected by ones had as a child Which way you see it depends on what side of the prism you put yourself As an adult, everything is undifferentiated (white light), but sometimes the
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Unformatted text preview: landscape acts as a prism to bring back memories of an experience as a child (one color of light) • How do the literary terms "rotation" and "repetition" relate to childhood landscapes impacting us in adulthood? o Repetition - past experienced that is repeated (in terms of childhood to adulthood) o Rotation - experiences that are out of the ordinary, generating a distinctive memory • How/Why are memories of places from childhood experiences carried forward to adulthood? o Definitions of who you are as a person o Childhood is the identity-development period o Good and bad relations with different places from your childhood contribute to the formation of identity o Experiences carry forward because they are "free", you are exploring and understanding the world...
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