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Final Study Guide 1 - What do cultural landscapes tell us...

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What do cultural landscapes tell us about ourselves? What is behind what we see? What are the cultural ideals expressed in landscapes? "The Corporatisation of Cities, 1945-…" o Landscapes reflect our cultural values, such as corporate business and expansion Corporate influence has touched every part of the city, and influences people by determining what they see Skyline of corporate offices, advertising, influence on everyday commodities such as the architecture of homes and neighborhoods People value convenience and efficiency Corporations, with their vast resources, can manufacture products such as homes at a much quicker rate than individual builders Things like assembly line techniques, specialized teams of builders, and corporate management kept housing developers efficient People value wealth and power Corporations exhibit wealth and economic power due to their massive size and influence The corporate-influenced suburb began with William Levitt and the "Levittowns" Corporate malls cater to the wealthy Require cars and money to spend on expensive items Buy things to furnish expensive houses o The primary goals of corporations are profit and brand recognition They want to succeed in these things so that they can do them again tomorrow Businesses are profit-seeking entities desiring to expand and continue to sell products Expansion is due to, and increases profits - explains why corporations have taken over cities and influence people's everyday lives Want to advertise to these people, turn them into customers People's desire for power and wealth Upscale neighborhoods and shopping malls cater to the wealthy
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Final Study Guide 1 - What do cultural landscapes tell us...

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