Final Study Guide 2

Final Study Guide 2 - "Why Mow o People desire the...

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"Why Mow?" o People desire the connectedness to others that lawns symbolically provide People care for their lawns so as to show wealth or prestige A nicely manicured lawn in interpreted as high class Lawns serve to unify neighborhoods and communities because it is something that not only connects individual houses but the "obligation" to care for one's lawn connects the people as well The lawn is a representation of controlled nature It can be mowed to any length, and control over the rest of the yard (flower beds, shrubs, trees) is exercised because the land is managed by man The manicured lawn represents paradise, any hint of unkemptness leads to a sense of trouble and is looked down upon as disrupting the connection between people that lawns provide o The lawn is nature fit and molded to human habitation People desire to control nature and have it accent what they already own (i.e. house, car, etc.) The yard as a whole, encompassing the lawn as well as other landscaping, allows man to mold nature and make it his own Man desires to dominate nature, thus creating the landscaped yard This not only shows affluence and gives a good impression to passersby, but it also asserts man's authority over nature o People want to connect to one another and feel accepted by those around them, while at the same time boasting about their own wealth or prestige Frank Scott set out to beautify the American lawn Invented grass seed to help people grow full beds of grass
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Final Study Guide 2 - "Why Mow o People desire the...

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