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Final Study Guide 3 - "Hobgoblin in Suburbia" o People...

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"Hobgoblin in Suburbia" o People believe in the spirit of a place Originated in mythology, people needed to explain happenings so they told stories of the spirits of different places The genius loci gave life to the landscape and gave people a sense of communication with it Served the great overlord Pan, translated the language of inhuman things into human speech Eventually done away with by the church, convinced people that to shun spirits and to hate them The spirits accordingly became silent Old rituals and habits associated with the spirits lived on though (tossing a coin into a ford or a well) The hobgoblin maintained its central importance in the household If treated right, it would help the people who lived in its house o People desired to create new genii loci in the New World The spirits of place didn't follow the settles as the left Europe for the New World For a time, spirits were thought of to be angry ghosts of the former occupants of the land (i.e. Indians) Eventually, the idea of spirits began to shape American culture, despite the differences in origin of the settlers The house became a fortress against the evils from outside The house became a shrine, a place of meditation and rest Privacy and peace were central to maintaining a positive genius loci in one's home The spirit of the home was supposed to keep away the evils of urbanism and industrialism The free-standing house was a place to create beauty for a particular family The spirit of the home was to exude rest and peace, a getaway from the troubles of city life
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Final Study Guide 3 - "Hobgoblin in Suburbia" o People...

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