Final Study Guide 4

Final Study Guide 4 - "Landscapes of Violence and...

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"Landscapes of Violence and Tragedy" o We remember what we want to remember Nothing to mark the memory of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials People of Salem do not want to remember that event Seen as shameful and want it to be forgotten People's different attitudes towards events signal how they will be remembered if at all People remember events in certain ways, imputing importance on some of them and forgetting others Sanctification - commemorates a hero or martyr with a formal ceremony and a durable marker Ex. Gettysburg National Military Cemetery - the warriors who died here were commemorated with the Gettysburg address and their final resting place is marked off as sacred The cause that people fought for is overarching, we decide that we want to remember their sacrifice for a certain thing Designation - something is set aside as important, but not necessarily spiritual Often arises when minorities are the victims of violence, don't necessarily have the money to properly commemorate the site with a ritual, but the importance is understood This can often occur with extraordinary accidents, something that is only remembered because it is so out of the ordinary
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Final Study Guide 4 - "Landscapes of Violence and...

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